I am a big fan of Unsplash.com — stock photos platform which joins the contributors all around the world who give their photos for free for any kind of use.

Unsplash has grown from a small blog on Tumblr into one of the most popular websites with free resources. It is hated by lots of professional photographers, claiming it in devaluation of the photo industry.

As a contributor on Unsplash I share opinion that if some kind of a good can "be sold" for zero, then it is primary problem of the discontent side that their product is loosing value and should be modernised or changed to gain the price.

I have a small collection of abstract photos on Unsplash, but what an amazing exposure they are having! Well, recently the counters hit 10,000,000 views and 70,000 downloads, for the photos which might have dissappered deep inside the Lightroom catalogue, on my external hard drive.
And as the new year is approaching I enjoy to google my photos to see what kind of second life they acquired. Sometimes results are very very pleasant, especially when photos appear on a popular media sites or become the parts of a new brands.
Brussels rooftops were featured on the e-pages of Elle magazine.
Foliage became the part of the article on AUDI Suisse website, devoted to their eco-production technologies
Bust sometimes results are just surprising and amazing! Today I found my photo on Apple Music, as the cover of the single of Brazilian singer. Very beautiful song by the way.
This is it, unbelievable journey of photos possible only via such a model of contribution. Good luck for Unsplash on their recent strategy of monetisation. And good luck to all the creators and photographers who uses and support this community.
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